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An Introduction to Shangrila-Tibet

Even though the name Shangri-la owes its coinage to James Hilton, a 20th century British writer who created a lost earthly paradise in his 1933 classic, The Lost Horizon, the concept has been around for centuries. The idea of a lost kingdom somewhere in the Himalayas has circulated in Tibetan Buddhist teaching for centuries. The name Shambala appears in a text known as the Kalachakra Tantra - or Wheel of Time Teaching.

In this doctrine, the place named Shambala appears as a mystical conception, a spiritual rather than a geographical goal. The Buddhist Kalachakra tale tells of a land behind the Himalayas, ruled by a gracious King Suchandra, who was the first to learn the Kalachakra doctrine from Buddha Shakyamuni himself. In Shambala, the people lived in peace and harmony, faithful to the principles of Buddhism, and the concepts of war and sorrow were unknown. Shambala is a magic land, unlike any place on earth, and rests in the shadow of a magnificent white mountain.1

In the same spirit of bringing about PEACE in the lives of many in our own community, Shangrila-Tibet Imports was founded in the year 2000. Located at 2903 E. Colfax Avenue in downtown Denver (3 minutes drive from the 16th Street Mall), the store imports myriad of spiritual tools such as Mandala, Thangka, Singing Bowls, Bells, Yoga accessories, Deity Statues, exotic incense et cetera from Tibet, Nepal, and India. In accordance with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we aim to inform our customers that the tools for meditation and spiritual quest are just tools and the Enlightenment is not inherent in the tools but in the realization of the self. However, a tool is a means by dint of which the beginners can inevitably benefit as several of our customers would agree. Moreover, the tools serve the purpose of a skin to a banana; the essence is the fruit, yet the skin protects it. Or, just as a photograph helps us remember our beloved ones, the various imageries such as Mandala, Thangkas, deity images etc. remind us our spiritual self. Which has become imperative in today's world that is advertently focused on matter and craves for material wellness?

Here at Shangrila-Tibet we serve in the spirit of instinctive cordiality and strive to help our customers realize their dreams of being in unison with Nature. Peace in the life of our invaluable customers through meditation aided by tools is our goal. Always willing to resolve your queries, our staff not only directs you to what you want, but also helps you find the right choice for you. We also take orders over the phone and deliver at your doorstep anywhere in the United States and Canada. Please feel free to ask us any question regarding any of our products and services.


Om Shanti (Om Peace)

Om Shanti (Om Peace)

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